The Notebook, 2004


Duke: They didn't agree on much. In fact they rarely agreed on anything. They fought all the time and they challenged each other everyday...
Young Noah: [Allie and Noah are fighting] Don't push me!
[Allie pushes Noah anyway]
Duke: ...But in spite their differences, they had one important thing in common, they were crazy about each other.

everything’s still on the line

do you remember the nights// we’d stay up just laughing// smiling for hours at anything// remember the nights// we drove around// crazy, in love// do you remember the nights// we made our way dreaming// hoping of being someone big// we were so young then// we were too crazy// in love// when the lights go out// we’ll be safe and sound// we’ll take control of the world// like it’s all we have to hold on to// and we’ll be a dream////

(We The Kings ft Demi Lovato – We’ll Be A Dream)

“I never asked to fall in love. But I accidentally fell for someone who worth everything.” -@Janetdvr


i'm still breathing

i leave the gas on
walk the allies in the dark
sleep with candles burning
i leave the door unlocked
i'm weaving a rope and
running all the red lights
did i get your attention?
cause i'm sending
all the signs and
the clock is ticking
and i'll be giving
my 2 weeks

pick your favorite
shade of black
you'd best
prepare a speech
say something funny
say something sweet
but don't say
that you loved me

'cause i'm still breathing
but we've been
dead for awhile

this sickness has no cure
we're going down for sure
already lost a grip
best abandon ship

...well, at least you know.

tanpa judul

mungkin ini yang mereka bilang mati rasa. atau mungkin juga tidak.
atau mungkin, ini yang mereka bilang kebal. atau… mungkin juga tidak.

yang saya tahu dan saya rasakan, saya gagal. saya bertahan cukup lama dan saya gagal. bahkan bermacam-macam coklat pun tidak membantu, padahal setahu saya mereka adalah salah satu sahabat terbaik saya. salah satu penyembuh terbaik saya. sementara saya sendiri tidak tahu saya mengidap penyakit apa.

mungkin memang saya yang sudah salah dari awal. atau mungkin saja tidak.

saya pikir saya cukup kuat untuk menjadi batu, yang keras dan tak terbantahkan.
dan cukup meyakinkan untuk menjadi plastik, yang terlihat lemah namun tahan banting.

tapi saya salah.


It is life. From the eyes of a grown up.


Well I think, everyone has his/her opinion about life. Isn’t it the topic we’ve heard to be mostly talked about? Each day, everyone keeps making more and more theories about life.

I can’t describe how life has been so up and down these days. Okay, one word. Amazing. Yep, amazing. I kept complaining about the bad days I had, and forgot to be thankful when those bad days turned into good days. I got a question left in my head, have I wasted so much time? I was afraid I have.

I thought everything was so unfair. I was so rebellious. I know I’m playful enough as a teen but I don’t really like to be in a game, to be played. And life has played me that easily. Brought me up and down, one day it gave me lots of happiness and sent me a pack of miserable things on the next day. I was totally….labile. I can’t find a better word to explain how bad I was.

But suddenly I realise something. I won’t go on if I keep saving these negative thoughts, and blaming everything on life. I need those positive energies. And they have successfully helped me to see that….Life’s so colourful. And with those colours, we can see that life’s not that simple. Living a life is not as easy as choosing which part of the picture to be coloured in white and which part to be coloured in black. We still have a lot of crayons waiting to be used.

So, it really depends on you, how to face every little thing in your life. If you've decided from the very first minute you wake up that you’ll have a good day today, then you’ll have your good day. No matter how bad actually your day will be, you’ll still get some reasons to be thankful of, you’ve got another thing to be learnt today ;) It’s all about choices.

I try not to regret anything, like being one of those labile people, this is how a teenager lives a life anyway. We get older, but we’re still young. I can say now, I’m not wasting too much time, and so are you. Well, there may be a little time I’ve wasted, like having lots of hibernations and crying over the money I’ve spent uselessly, but isn’t it okay? I’m still growing up every single day, being amazed of every new thing I’ve seen, keeping on asking why instead of saying thanks God, and laziness is still one of the elements of life that I love the most. Haha, just…. let it be, let it be.

p.s: forgive me if you don’t agree with my words above. It’s just my point of view, anyway. And someday, it might change, I’m surely sure about that. Well who knows?

How are you anyway?



….there may be a little pain but I’m doing fine, no doubt.