leaving 2012 with fever.

This is the last day of 2012 and I have to stay on my bed all day long due to this fever. I have been cursing this (of course), but I am thankful enough this didn't happen on Christmas Eve. For the last few years, I have never got any great story about my New Year's Eve though. It always went unplanned, sometimes failed, and most of them were so-so. But still, there's so much to be thankful for that I still have the chance to end another year and move to the upcoming one completely with my beloved ones, my family, my friends, my boyfriend.

 Hope you are all enjoying the last day of 2012, have a great New Year's Eve!



we are afraid of what we feel, of what might hurt us. the cold nights; the black clouds on the sky while we don't have any umbrella on our hands; the sad faces that might bring the bad news; the silence that suddenly comes after the joy we've just shared; the mistakes we don't realize; the high pitch shouts; the ground we see while we're flying high; the thoughts of the world outside....

and we are even more afraid that we've felt too much and we have nothing left to feel.


There's always something to do at Christmas.

Waiting for christmas day is the most exciting thing to do every year. The ups and downs that keep coming even on my favorite time of the year like these days do not stop me from wanting the christmas day to come even more. I have nothing special to prepare or wait, though, the day itself has always been special for me. And the preparations, they can't be more exciting than this. These days, I have even forgotten all the stuffs on my list, even my final assignments.

Since my sister has moved to Bandung and rarely goes home (she is really the busiest freshman girl I've ever seen), I replace her role to be mom's company on preparing our christmas stuffs this year. And it is exciting. We've been decorating the house since November 29th, decorating the tree, going to the malls to find something new for mom's christmas collection, hunting the christmas gifts, baking the christmas cookies, and, of course, buying and adding more and more christmas cds to daddy's collection. Joyful christmas songs are filling our house almost every day.

Routines are really hard to do these days and dealing with finals really brings my mood down sometimes. Sometimes I wish we had a long winter holiday here so I can just spend all my time enjoying these moments.

And yes, the guy next to me has been a busy man now. But, another yes, he's still really good at doing his job as my partner in crime. Please do not mind the big noses, this is just one of the best poses we can do.

Hope you all have a joyful moment as well, have yourself a merry little christmas!