After all those months of battling, huge effort, excruciating pain, I finally come to conclusion that:
Love, is made for the strong. And in the midst of those strong, a few are lucky to remain forever.

Well, how can I wish we were strong enough while I think we already reach the peak of our strength and the only path we can go through is to go down and low?
So, no, I am surely not wishing we were stronger because after all that we have been through, I am proudly awarding you as my hero already, so that the whole world would know, how standing against us only makes us stronger and tougher.

But my love,
oh, my love,
our strength and toughness will not help us any longer
because in this very moment,
you can not imagine how I really wish we were not that strong, nor that tough, but just lucky enough to be infinite.



Neither you nor I can guarantee that I am going to be happier.
My despair is holding on to itself even stronger than we think it ever would, the idea of being happy itself has long gone.  

In the mean time, I do not own anything worthy in me to heal your wound either. 
I just know how to deal with it.

I can only promise nothing, but I can assure you that the vision of us together will help things to get better, at least.