The circle of life is rolling again.

We get totally busier than we've ever been these days. I meet him almost every day now, get to see my favorite face almost every morning, get so much time to talk to each other in person that the phone calls we used to have are no longer on the top of our daily routine's list, yet I still feel as if there's something missing in it.

The circle of life is finally rolling again, taking us to another page of life, and giving us new roles to live. All those old routines are now inside a box marked 'The Things We Used To Do'; the day offs, the long night calls, the DVD sessions on the late evenings, the cuddling hours,.... Do I miss them? Yes. I do. We hardly find any chance to do what we used to do these days. In fact, these crazy days teach me to appreciate every single time I get to spend with him without having to worry about the traffic jams, the day to day's tasks, the fluctuating mood after a bad day...

I wonder how many times the circle of life has rolled since the first time I met you. Whoa, I was so young back then. Well, neither you nor I know what happens next, but so far, I'm happy doing this with you. Yes, I do miss those old routine a lot, but I'm glad you're the one whom I've been moving forward with. Stay close, we still have so much to do together, I guess. :)