I need to maintain my social life, there's something wrong with it.
I mistrust people, I just hate how people stab each other's back, but it's even hard for me to say 'no' to them, especially the ones with best fake smiles, so instead of saying no, I prefer ignoring and I think I've lost almost everyone.
I was the one with huge circle of friends, but now I get pathetically disoriented in society.
This thing brings me to two possibilities:
1. This isn't just me who feels empty, but people are also losing everyone and, like it or not, start to think about themselves more than others, call it individualist.
2. I might blame them for leaving, but maybe, it's just me who practically decided to move my own feet to the sideline and became an outsider.
How sad.



Happy things happen in the middle of the rainy days in November:
boyfriend's birthday and our 1st anniversary on the same day :)