The very last week before the 4th term starts.

I get sick, Monday-Friday. :(
Let's see if this weekend can do something good to my health.


denial: accepted.

"yes. people will judge. that's sad, I know.
and, the irritating fact is, yes, they are right, we might be blind, so brainless, so unreasonable.
but I know, you know, we all know, there's something we can't say, we can't ever explain,
about this whole thing you are crazy about."

".... I thought it was only me."

"and no one knows you better than you do.
fight this feeling.

Because your heart says so.

when you really love someone,
there will always be something to worry about; what else is going to happen, tonight, tomorrow, next week, this year?
there will always be a reason to ask 'why should I, why shouldn't you?'.
there will always be this feeling that makes you feel like you are such a fool.
there will always be this confusing path, giving you choice either to keep walking or to stop.
there will always be the time when you want to let your ego win.
there will always be this voice whispering in your head, 'is it worthwhile?'.
and there will always be that quote, saying, 'what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger', and it becomes your only statement when others judge you.

but in the end,
your heart will say so,
and you will keep coming back to those arms, somehow.

and I,
I just love the fact that my heart wins over my ego, almost all the time.