a pancake day.

my sister and I made two plates of pancakes for today's lunch. we had instant fried noodle for breakfast so since we ate lunch menu for breakfast already, we decided to ate breakfast menu for lunch. my pancake had cheese as the topping and her pancake had choco-cheese as the toppings. they were simply good.


again, a day off (sigh).

the 6th term has started. today is supposed to be the second day of the new term but here I am, writing a new post in my room. you all know how powerful a period is and today, I am one of the victims. I spent all morning bearing the pain in my stomach. it is getting better now, anyway. (honestly, I am one of those girls who prefer not to use hormonal problems as an excuse for not doing things, but sometimes I just cannot resist the pain that period brings, seriously). so I am already skipping two classes today, breaking the promise I just made on my mind yesterday.

I did not imagine I would have another day off just two days after a month off that I spent by laying on my bed almost everyday. I am such a lazy ass, I know, but the weather these days is just too perfect to stay in bed, using every possibility to do things in my bed (again, picking things as excuses). so, today I finally get bored of not doing anything, and I start to make a list of things I have been craving for, and pick out the top five:

1. eating pancakes. with two scoops of vanilla ice cream.
2. drowning myself in a good book. I have chosen a title actually, it is The Perks of Being A Wallflower. I have seen the movie, and yes, it is good. I am a believer that a good movie usually comes from a good book.
3. I am now imagining myself sitting in a quiet corner of a cafe. and I might need a cup of hot coffee. yes?
4. swimming. oh how I miss swimming.
5. going to a theme park. I want to be on the highest track of the roller-coaster, screaming my lungs out to the sky as if I only have one more day to live.

haha, it is just good to know what you want to do. I am looking forward to do these things soon. hope you all are already doing your own list of things you want to do, have a good day. :)

1. the place where I spent my day, all day long, beside my bed.
2. a bowl of sweet happiness I enjoyed after my late lunch.
3. a late photo from summer 2012, I got a mint-flavored ice cream in this photo....but still no pancake. :(


there are storms we cannot weather.

behind all those days we shared in silence, or those nights we shared with arguments and even shouts, all I actually, really, want to do is just to have your arms around me all day, everyday, and I, for sure, will not even think twice to hug you back. I guess sometimes we just need some more proves that things are going to find their way to be just fine. Well, in the end, we all are just humans.


just.... b e s t.

We were actually missing Kristia here. It is funny how we realize that it has been 8 years since the first time the four of us made (best)friends. I spent almost everyday of my junior high school years with them, almost every week of my high school years with them (we were separated in different schools), and things changed a lot when we went into college but I am totally happy that we still have the chance (and the love, and the needs) to get some quality time together! :) we really grew up together, it is sweet to know that some things stay, not all the same, but just simply stay.