it is rough, i'm telling you.

"if happy ever afters did exist, 
i would still be holding you like this."

people might tell you to go out, see the other pretty sides of the world, be with the people who love you more than you know, but there are some turning points that will make you just want to cry in your bed all day long, torturing yourself with those sappy love songs because that is the only way that will make you feel.

at some turning points, we give up and let the world beat us. 

"when you lose something you cant replace,
when you love someone but it goes to waste,
could it be worse?"

i dont even have any idea how things could go even worse than this.


Good morning.

Good morning.

At the beginning of this year, I promised myself to blog more (despite the fact that no one might read this page, I just want to save my posts more to myself so I can read them back later), but somehow I guess I have lost the rhythm. I can only write one post per month, so this is now actually sad. Every single time I get the idea to write, or photos to share, there always be some other things to do and I will just forget it later what I wanted to write.

I might have said it before but 6th term is just soooo crazy. I cannot wait for this term to come to an end, I have one more month = about 4-5 weeks to go = 30 days to go until this war is over. And as you all know, the final battle has always been the hardest. I am not eagerly waiting for the summer break, by the way, I just cannot wait for the next thing on the 'list' to happen, something else to do.

And those who know me well surely know how I always be so in love with the sky and clouds. Half of the pictures I have taken with my phone or with my camera might be the sky, and the clouds. I am amazed of how beautiful they can be (for my eyes) no matter how they turn to be that day. If anyone ask what would be the simplest thing that can make me happy, it is laying my head back down until both my eyes are fulfilled only by the skies.