bad days, good days // easy come, easy go.

these pictures above are the pictures I recently took and shared on my instagram.

I cannot believe it is March already. 24 hours sound long enough but then again, days went by so fast that when I looked at the date, I was surprised that March had come. sometimes I joke around that we might need 31 hours to have a proper day, to have a proper sleep, to have a proper time management. I am really bad at this one. but then again, I do not think having 31 hours a day will make the problems go away, having 31 hours a day will just make the list of to-dos grow longer.

these days are seriously crazy. there were those days when I blabbered about how lifeless my days were (specifically it was my term-break) , but I guess I should have really enjoyed those days. these days I feel as if my brain never stops working, there is always something to think, something to discuss, something to do, I just cannot wait for my mind to explode. I sometimes think it is more mentally tiring than physically tiring.

at the beginning of most days, I am just really pessimist. sometimes things rush really fast, sometimes things just get worse than before, sometimes people are so hard to cooperate with, and I begin to wonder why I agreed to do this and that, I wonder how easy my days would be if I had just said no to anything. but then, at the end of the day, when I take time to review all the things I have done for a day, I feel completely amazed of how I finally get through another uneasy day while at first, all I really wanted to do in that morning was staying in my bed and hiding under my blanket all day. well, this might be the power of prayers, once I surrender everything into His hands, He does it really well. my Awesome God is really awesome.

I cannot say I am tired nor giving up because I think I have not done enough. this optimistic statement does not solve the problem nor make my days better, I know, but doing things for people, filling people's expectations, feeling satisfied of having things done, getting another experience, these kind of days, are just some things we need to keep moving forward to another day, another story, another experience, another dream, so we will always have something to be thankful for.