still trying to feel bright between the gloomy days.

After working almost all year, I guess the sun is taking its break. It is raining almost every day. From what I heard, those national tv stations reported that the weather would get so extreme these days. Well, they are right, I think. Even the umbrellas are no longer useful, floods are everywhere here in Jakarta. Probably it is much better to stay safely at home while it is possible.

My room has been a to-tal mess, my things are on every corner and not at where they should be. I decided to tidy it up, the result was not excellent though... but my work was still satisfying enough. I am welcoming back my comfortable zone!

A new member has come to Sumeisey Family! Baby Joel Joseph Inkiriwang was born on December 24th, right a day before Christmas. The whole family is so excited, since he is the first member of the newest generation on our family. He is really a good baby boy, he sleeps almost all day long. :):)

My mom has finally taken the christmas tree and all the ornaments down, and kept them safely inside the boxes. It is pretty sad to realize that the most wonderful time of the year is officially over. Until we meet again, dear Christmas time..

And, by the way, I found some new inspirations, you can see the blog list on the right side of this page. They are actually some happy and creative American moms, happy wives, with their kids or their husbands (one for each, of course), and I really love the way they share their happiness! They are not only good as being mothers but also good at writing and photography. Totally inspiring! I found them on Instagram, anyway.

In conclusion, I spent this holiday (so far) by staying at home. I am not gonna complain (yet), as long as there is something to do :p and I am gonna stop here, so that's all, have a happy-gloomy week, people, cheers.



It has been 14 days since I left 2012.

And I am on a term-break, anyway. I have ended my 5th term.....mmm, I can say it ended quite well. I did not honestly put much hope as I did when I was on 4th term, I know I did not do my best effort along the 5th term so I decided not to curse any score I got at last. And so here I am, trying to enjoy my break before I get to another war on my next term.

I know that time flies really fast. It feels just like yesterday when I wrote all my thankful posts of being accepted at my college and what it was really like on my first year, and now I am facing my last year (if God says so) before I move to the next step. See? Time does fly reaaaally fast. 

I do not know what 2013 will bring, well, no one knows. A lot of things happened in 2012 but I am still the same person that people have always known though. As much as I know, I will still do the same routines, going to college, studying, rehearsing with the choir I have been in for the last 3 years, procrastinating my works.... I did not intend to make any resolution, from what I learnt, I am not really good at achieving resolutions. So, even if I have to, I will probably say my resolution for this year is to have a lot more fun. For the last few years, I spent a lot of time doing this and that, most of them are the things I love but still, I lost my urge to hang out, to socialize, to have fun..  So this year, I will try to have some more quality time with my family, my friends, my boyfriend... anything fun, just like those times when I was a teen. Well, You Only Live Once, right?

I know we are all praying for a good year. I know it is kind of hard not to regret what we did, what we left, even what we did not do, on the previous year. Looking back to what we left behind is okay, anyway. It is a good way to know we have all changed, hopefully, to be a better one. So....have yourself a joyful year!