another letter to summer

Dear summer days,
Everything happens since you walked away. I lost almost everything at the end of your time but so far, everything’s still under control. I want to thank you for being so memorable each day, I love how you let the sun shine above my head or how you let the rain make my sneakers get dirty, I’m sorry if I kept complaining about my wet hair. I feel good, well, not as good as I felt when you were around but overall, I still have the reasons to smile and get crazy everyday. My friends are awesome, they’re super cool. I love how they make me laugh with those stupid jokes, they lift me up when I, again and again, fall into the under ground.

Dear summer days,
Another season has just come. It rains almost everyday, and I’d like to enjoy everyday just like how I enjoyed my time with you. I love having my quality time with some cups of coffee and feel the pouring rain above my rooftops. I’ve become more introvert yet extrovert at the same time. I feel enjoy when I’m alone, it’s such a right time to fly with my own thoughts, guess what, I think about everything. I know flashback is such a painful thing to do, but I love recalling the old memories. Yeah, most of them are ours. At least I know, I ever felt so alive once. Oh summer days, you were so real that I couldn’t help myself to make sure whether I was dreaming or not.

Dear summer days,
I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve never felt this brave before to take another step, to finally know that moving forward is the only choice left. I know now that forgetting won’t work at all, it’s forgiving actually. Sometimes I think you went too early, I did still have some pages to be written and colored but now I see, there’s still so much time with a lot of the other exciting things waiting somewhere I haven’t known.

Dear summer days,
Tom has finally found his Autumn after Summer walked away. You know what, sometimes I wonder if I could get mine too :p I do believe that somehow, someone must be there, someday, somewhere.

Thanks for giving me a lot of good times, see you next year :)


Busy, leave message.

Full schedule. I get up at 6. The classes start at 8. I patiently listen to those women and men in front of the classes and write the things on the notebook. I get my lunch. I go to the library with some friends or enjoy sitting at the canteen with hot topics to talked about. And I do the random things at campus, til the sky grows dark, time to go back to my room. Everyday. College life is tiring yet exciting so far, and I'm so in love with my new family, Komunikasi UI 2010. Overall, I'm doing fine :)


#nowplaying John Mayer - In Your Atmosphere

I'm back and I miss everything. I miss everything I've left behind, I miss everything I can't do anymore. I've been so busy lately and I'm still trying to keep up with my own life. I know it sounds funny, but yeah, here I am.

and... I miss the streetlights. I miss how they guided me home.