1992. 2012.

Saya lahir di tahun 1992. Begitu juga kebanyakan orang di sekitar saya.
Tahun ini, 2012. Tahun ini menginjak kepala dua.
Beruntung, saya masih memiliki 2 bulan terakhir untuk mengisi masa belasan saya.
Kepala dua.
Tidak seserius itu.
Masih jauh lebih mudah dari kepala tiga.
Tapi kepala dua.
Menciptakan tuntutan agar hal-hal serius mulai dipikirkan, untuk dibicarakan.
Karena katanya, waktu akan berjalan lebih cepat dari yang disadari manusia.
Hmm... harus seserius itu?


More to be classical than popular.

Thank You For The Music (ABBA), covered by Amanda Seyfried.

"I was not born to be a great singer. I was born to sing."

Things are getting so intimate between me and music sheets. I don't get much time to do any getaway, yet I have found the simplest way to forget the other things for a little while. The good feeling that music can give to someone's heart is the best thing I've known so far. So relieved :)


See me already?

Since "Where have you been?" is the thing I've heard the most recently.

There's still so much to learn every single day.

"Tomorrow brings sorrow, day after brings laughter. For that is life's way."

Those words above are perfectly combined and written as a song lyric on one of my music book. As expected, I've been holding onto those words since the day I found it. So far, things do not come as easily as I wished before. Things I left on the last page of the previous year do actually still happen the same way as it happened before.

And it's May already.