Sensitivity: up to 90%.

One of those times when doing the thing you mostly love does even bring you down.
You never knew something like this would happen though; but it hurts you quite well that you cry over it that much.
It almost feels like having a heartbroken.


This is why the phone line is sometimes busy at nights.

If someone asks me about my favorite things, I'm pretty sure I'll add nightcalls to my answer. A night can be as exciting as a day. A lot of things happen at nights, a lot of secrets are revealed at nights, a lot of problems are discussed and solved at nights. For two people who don't live under the same roof, those things mostly happen on night calls. That's what makes it sweet. Two lovebirds who are separated on each bed spend the night altogether through the phone line, telling jokes, secrets, tears, and feel happy of it. I don't really know, but, sometimes, at the end of some night calls, I find myself feeling a bit stronger.

It's just good to have someone who wants to listen all night. Thanks to you. Good night.


A sweet song about the vow.

One Hand, One Heart (OST. West Side Story)

This one above is my favorite scene from West Side Story. I don't really like sad endings though, but I really love seeing how the newly love they shared was so strong that it was almost too good to be true. I've been having this simple thought on my mind; sometimes we have to see how other people (or couple) trust on themselves to start believing on our own. Nobody bets on things that look impossible for them. But it is not gambling. We don't know where, or how, things will last, but I believe there are some points behind how hard you give your best and try to make things work, or how you trust the little voice in your mind that it is worth trying. Then you will find no regret.