Another one o’clock in the morning and it’s even gonna move to two in several minutes. I’m having a month off, I’m not calling it as a holiday ‘cos I don’t really feel like I’m on a real holiday. I’ve been craving for a rrrreal holiday for a long long time. Didn’t I say that a tough year had just passed by? I need something like a getaway, or a little vacation to a place where I’m able to have a space from all those pressures. Well, after all, I need to refresh my mind. I know I’ve promised for hundred times not to complain about things anymore. I’ll stop here then. Bye. xx


Another year has gone by.

I’m not saying that 2010 was too quick to go by but I can’t believe it’s 2011 already! 2010 was so complicated, I don’t know what word would describe it better. It was upsetting yet exciting at the same time. I got down a lot, well, so did everyone, I think. At least, everything felt balance at last. Despite the loss itself, I got almost everything I had asked. I got accepted at University of Indonesia, majoring in Communication Science, the one I had always dreamt about. I (finally) could get along with the adaptation and so far, I feel good to be here, to have a lot of new, good, yet crazy friends around, to have an irreplaceable family like #comm10. I’ve become one of Paragita Choir, which I hope will bring me a way to see the whole world someday. And I finally got together with the one I had deniably waited for quite a long time :p

I may still look childishly naive, but I got into a lot of transitions last year. Now, I take a look at everything as if my eyes get wider each day. I’ve begun to understand why people are so different, one from each other. I don’t know whether I was too blind, or silly, but I sometimes laugh when I remember how narrow-minded I was. I’ve got some resolutions to be done this year, but I’ve chosen not to write it down here, I’ll keep it by myself. Let’s just hope this list won’t end up uselessly ;)

To everyone who’s hoping for a good year, we may not know what lies ahead, but we can’t depend everything on fate, everything depends on us. Don’t stop believing, I’m  with you all.

God bless.