another entire year.

Because you've always been there.

when the spring flowers bloomed on those famous London parks,
here I got my so-so holiday and you cheered me up.
you did your best and graduated from college, making me proud.

when the sun stroke high in summer,
we also got the longest and hottest season of the year, which caused some breakdowns but we promised to keep holding on
my birthday came and you were still there, singing the fabulous happy birthday song and capturing photos of me blowing the candles

while the Americans were picking the fallen leaves from the trees by autumn,
we laid down side by side laughing over the list of our American dreams.
and once again this so called life surprised us, your wish got answered and our free days were twisted, so we gladly welcomed back the busy days.

and even when the cold winter night already starts to haunt the cold world,
you are still the one I'd want to hug every time the pouring rain starts to dance outside my window,
and you're still there hanging on the phone line every single day, wishing me luck to go through another day.

Thank you. For another entire year, you've always been there.
Happy 2nd anniversary, Lavly Kawengian. I love you.